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Natural Foods for a Better Sleep

August 28, 2020

Food, glorious food! It’s a crucial part of our daily routine, just as much as sleeping – but did you know you can pair the two together and eat your way to a better sleep?

Sleep plays an important role when it comes to reducing stress, avoiding weight gain and general wellbeing. The fuel you put in the tank can make a difference too. There are a few key players to put on your plate that work wonders on your hunger and your sleep health.

The quick five

If you find yourself scanning the ingredients list of your granola box but can’t remember if it was almonds or cashews that are stacked with that sleepy substance – then refer to the quick five. If magnesium, protein, carbohydrates, dairy and tryptophan feature on the ingredients list, your cravings may be putting you in the mood for a snooze.

Make it a meal

Whether you want a bite-sized snack or a dream-worthy dinner, we’ve compiled a shopping list of things to eat in the evening.

✔ Fish

Fresh salmon is always a crowd pleaser, and nothing beats New Zealand Blue Cod. Fish contain the melatonin production aid vitamin B6, so you can dig into a mouth-watering meal that’ll help when you hit the hay. Salmon also contains huge amounts of protein, packing double the punch when it comes to catching those extra Z’s.

✔ Almonds

Tension in your shoulders? Look no further than a handful of almonds. They’re high in magnesium which promotes sleep and muscle relaxation. Not only that, but they feature a powerful protein that helps stabilize your blood sugar levels – sending you into a sounder sleep more easily.

✔ Jasmine Rice

A simple switch can make a big difference to the amount of shut eye you get! Swapping out white rice with jasmine rice introduces a food high on the glycaemic index to your meal. This helps get the insulin flowing and tryptophan, an amino acid, starts working its magic in your melatonin production department.

✔ Hard Boiled Eggs

A little ball with a protein punch. Hard boiled eggs help stabilize blood sugar — add an egg before bed and you’ll find yourself sleeping through the night. Pop all your eggs in one pot and hard boil five of them at the beginning of the week, refrigerate and you’ll have a bedtime snack for every night of the working week!

✔ Bananas

Highly commended for many reasons, bananas are a pocket rocket snack that will launch you into a good night’s sleep too. Loaded with magnesium and potassium which trigger melatonin production, you’ll also benefit from relaxed muscles and reduced cramps!

✔ Cherries

Aiding sleep is only scratching the surface when it comes to cherries and their health benefits. Naturally high in melatonin, the fruit also regulates your metabolism, boosts immunity and fights inflammation.

✔ Spinach

If there’s one green you should be eating, spinach is it. Each little leaf contains enough magnesium, potassium and calcium to keep your circadian rhythm running optimally. Turn to another leafy green like kale if you’re after an alternative.

✔ Oatmeal

The perfect winter warmer and comfort food, oatmeal is a natural source of melatonin and will also assist you in achieving night after night of blissful slumber. Stock up on those carbohydrates and pair it with the calcium of a glass of warm milk and we guarantee you’ll be tucked in before you know it.

If you're still finding it difficult to reach snoozeville, you might want to consider the rest of your sleep environment.

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