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Sleepyhead Sanctuary Woman on Bed

Sleepyhead Sanctuary – An Icon in the Bedroom

February 17, 2021

Sleepyhead has reissued its elegant Sanctuary range, with the latest iteration of this dreamy cult classic being met with much anticipation and excitement.

Underpinned by its legacy of functional excellence, precision craftmanship and exquisite design – we’ve tested the new offering from Sleepyhead and although difficult to believe, we’ve found it to be an improved version of what was already, a market leading bed and an exceptional sleep experience.

Sleep has always been important, but sleep quality defines the satisfactory from the exceptional. As timeless as Coco Chanel’s ‘Little Black Dress’, the Sleepyhead Sanctuary has been the sought after centrepiece of every serial snoozer’s bedroom for years.

Few have tried to deliver a sleep experience like it, and none have come close.

The iconic Sleepyhead Sanctuary has maintained a legacy of quality and craftmanship since its inception, and the new Escape and Dream models are no different. Whilst paying respect to the core features that characterize the Sanctuary models before it – the Sleepyhead R&D team have delivered an improved offering in these iterations, featuring world class, revolutionary technology, enhancing its origins of excellence for a more premium sleep experience than ever before.

So, what goes into the legacy behind the pursuit of comfort ?

✔ Handmade craftmanship

  • Every Sleepyhead Sanctuary is handmade to order; with a team of experienced craftsmen overseeing every one of the 17,000 stitches, each individual spring insertion and every comfort layer precisely placed – each bed is made to an unrivaled, consistently exceptional quality.
  • State of the art quality takes time, and 72 hours of dedicated engineering go into crafting a Sanctuary bed. This is the optimal amount of time for a precise finish, and as you enjoy years of exceptional sleep, you will understand the benefits of handcrafted rigour.

✔ Expertise through generations

  • A timeless classic is nurtured from the ground up, and with four generations of the same family developing, iterating, and improving the Sanctuary, the secret to the most luxurious sleep ever made is reserved for a select few.
  • Sought after materials, like New Zealand Wool and Silk, are difficult to source, let alone that of the finest quality as used in Sleepyhead’s Sanctuary. An investment in the Sanctuary means you can always trust you’ll be resting on the best in market.

✔ Finely tuned technology

  • Timelessness does not compromise, and with the Sanctuary, there’s no need. World class technology, KulKote Copper absorbs and releases heat when you need it. The first of its kind to truly adapt to your specific and individual temperature needs.
  • Sensorzone 3D personalises postural support and exceeds its rivals in eliminating any partner disturbance, providing the most divine sleep ever experienced.

✔ The 'Sanctuary Look'

  • Founded on years of legacy – the ‘Sanctuary look’ has since become a cult status. Featuring the visible and iconic Sanctuary ‘layers’, exquisite tufted detailing, delicate design and practical details – serial snoozers have come to know a Sanctuary just by being near one. We often praise the importance of function, but Sanctuary followers will attest, when function looks this good – it’s no wonder the Sleepyhead Sanctuary has become a coveted classic.

The Sleepyhead Sanctuary’s iconic status is proof that a good classic never goes out of fashion. Leading the world in an exquisite sleep experience has contributed to its longevity and cult like reputation. 

Visit one of our stores to try the most beautiful sleep ever made – once you know, you know, and when you do – you’ll never settle for anything less.