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Your Ticket To Snoozeville

April 03, 2020

With daylight savings approaching, we’ve got an extra hour of sleep coming our way. But what if you’re finding it hard to fall asleep? You’re not alone. Well, you possibly are with physical distancing, but we’re also united in our ‘bubbles’, trying to sleep well, across the country.

Perhaps you’re more hectic than ever juggling new work conditions or longer shifts, or have so much time you’ve alphabetised your book collection. Either way, sleep is vital to our well being. The more we get, the better equipped we are to fight off illness.

Here are some ideas to help get you to dreamland. Don’t attempt to do all of them, it’s not the Olympics, even they’re postponed. Just pick one or two things to incorporate into your sleep routine. 

Set the scene
  • Check if your space is a sleepy one, a quiet, dark room is best.
  • Fresh air is good, and slightly cooler is better. Make sure the mozzies can’t get in.
  • A clean bedroom can help to clear your mind and help you to feel more in control.
  • Avoid electronics before bedtime and angle your timepiece away from you so you’re not clock watching.
Do your warm up
  • Get primed for sleep with a relaxing bath or shower.
  • Incorporate some sleepy scents like lavender or jasmine.
  • Switch alcohol or coffee for a relaxing herbal tea like a vanilla or chamomile.
  • Unwind with a good book, or switch on some sleepy tunes.
    Get ready to snooze
    • Try some simple breathing exercises, while focussing on something positive.
    • Try a sleep app, podcast or playlist. Find one that works for you; music, guided meditation, or nature sounds to distract the mind.
    • If you’re lucky enough to be couped up as a couple, intimacy is a great precursor to sleep, releasing hormones that help you feel more connected, relaxed and sleepy.