Sleepyhead Swisstek Collection

Sleepyhead Swisstek

The Sleepyhead Swisstek range features advanced comfort technology and 7 dedicated posture zones to provide more support where you need it most. All Swisstek beds feature a soft knit fabric infused with the natural health benefits of Silverline fibres. All Swisstek beds also offer outstanding support, reduced pressure points and minimal partner disturbance. With 6 models in the range offering varying firmness and different comfort layers, there's a Swisstek fit for you!

Is it for you?

Are you looking for the most advanced Pocket Spring technology available that offers outstanding support, reduced pressure points and minimal partner disturbance? The new Swisstek range offers superior performance that no other pocket spring bed can match. EACH NIGHT stretch out, relax + take the pressure off with Sleepyhead Swisstek. It’s a bed designed precisely, so you wake-up perfectly rested, refreshed + ready EVERY MORNING.

What's inside?

The revolutionary new Swisstek Pocket Spring features increased turns per spring and utilises a heavier gauge of wire than a traditional pocket spring. Swisstek uses its unique spring technology to create 7 dedicated posture zones which provides correct spinal alignment, pressure point reduction and additional lower back support.


Single beds $5,799.00


Single beds $5,249.00


Single beds $4,199.00


Single beds $4,799.00


Single beds $5,149.00


Single beds $4,699.00