30-Day Comfort Guarantee

At Beds R Us, we are committed to matching you to your perfect sleep.

We believe buying a bed is a valuable investment in your health and wellbeing and comfort is ultimately a very personal choice.

Our staff members are trained to help you choose the bed that will support you and your sleeping style. This assists in the overall comfort the bed delivers, but only you will be able to determine if the feel is perfect for you.

What is the Beds R Us Comfort Guarantee?

We will exchange your mattress, with a mattress of equal or greater value, should you not find comfort within 30 days of delivery (we do not offer refunds on purchases).

Why 30 days?

The reality is that you will likely know if you are completely comfortable in the new bed in a much shorter time period than this. It could take several nights for your body to adjust to the new sleeping surface and it is not uncommon for minor aches and pains to develop as a result, but they will very quickly dissipate.

If after 7-10 days of continual sleeping on the new bed you are not completely satisfied with the comfort levels, contact us direct - don't wait 30 days!

What are the terms?

  • The bed or mattress must be recommended by a Beds R Us staff member in store.
  • A Protect-A-Bed or Sleepyhead mattress protector must be purchased and used with the bed, on which the Beds R Us Comfort Guarantee has been offered.
  • The guarantee is void if the mattress shows any visible signs of abnormal wear, including but not limited to: stains, rips, unusual smells, or is in a condition where it cannot be resold. The guarantee and therefore exchange will also be void if the mattress is damaged.
  • This offer is limited to one exchange only.
  • The Beds R Us Comfort Guarantee will not be offered on beds bought for use as spare beds, or where the purchaser is not the prime user of the bed (the subjective assessment of comfort is not transferable).
  • A specific Beds R Us store may elect to charge costs associated with the pick-up and delivery of mattresses involved in any Beds R Us Comfort Guarantee claim.
  • If the exchanged mattress is valued higher than original purchase, the difference is to be at the customer's cost.
  • Price of the exchanged mattress will be the ticket price in store at the time of the exchange.
  • Excludes special orders, ask your local store for details.