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Sleep Map

Introducing the Newest Innovation in Sleep Match Technology – Sleep Map

One of the greatest developments in the sleep industry and a first in this country has launched at BedsRus. We’re proud to introduce SleepMap; the state of the art, exclusively patented, scientific bed matching system.

As the experts in sleep, we’re always dreaming of bringing easier ways to fit Kiwis to their perfect mattress, and we’re thrilled to deliver the New Zealand market this leading-edge solution.

We're for keeping sleep, simple.

SleepMap, commissioned by Sleepyhead, adds confidence to the bed buying journey. Using leading edge technology, the bed matching system can demonstrate how the right comfort and support can impact an individual or couple’s sleep experience.

Featuring a bed packed with an excess of 10,000 sensors, SleepMap displays a real-time, pressure map of the body. Our bed specialists interpret the high-resolution imaging and identify areas that will benefit from the added comfort and support. SleepMap’s technology coupled with our bed specialists expertise make a powerful combination in choosing the right mattress.

Heavenly sleep shouldn’t be left to chance and investing in a good night’s sleep takes time, research and plenty of individual bed testing. However, SleepMap reduces the time and research required in your bed search, saving the best part to the expert in you.

A personalised, science-backed sleep in four easy steps:

Profiling – Our bed specialist will start with your preferred sleep position – side, back or front. SleepMap can profile an individual or a couple, identifying solutions that satisfy both needs.

Imaging – SleepMap’s sensors capture your pressure points in real time and project this onto a display screen. Our bed specialists are trained extensively in SleepMap and will explain the projection in depth.

Results – A snapshot of your tailored ‘SleepMap’ is provided, including a thoughtfully selected collection of beds that will cater to your pressure relief and support needs.

Choice – Our bed specialists will guide you through your personalised collection, invite you to test the picks of your individual prescription and further explain the benefits of each range.

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