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Collection - Queen (153cm x 203cm)

Collection: Queen (153cm x 203cm)

Traditionally always a favourite with Kiwis; Queen size is still our biggest seller. Whilst this is normally the first-choice of size as the main bed, be sure to consider larger sizes if your bedroom space allows. The larger the bed, the more room you have, generally providing a better sleep.

Additionally, more household second and third bedrooms are large enough to accommodate Queen sizes for those growing teens and as guest beds. 

Bed specialist hot tip: "While this bed is ideal for couples, if you are parents with children who climb into bed in the middle of the night or pet owners with pets that snooze on the bed whenever they please, then you might want to consider the King sizes if your space allows." 

Not the right size? Check out our size guide for other options.

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Make sure to check the dimensions of your room and have a thought-out plan for how you are going to move your new mattress into its assigned room. It is crucial to be aware of any doors that the mattress will need to fit through and stairwells before reaching the room when moving inside.

Keep in mind that mattress sizes vary from country to country so if you have an imported bed base make sure to measure it prior to purchasing a new mattress. For the perfect night's sleep, it’s important that your mattress fits perfectly on top of your bed frame.

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