Queen (153cm x 203cm)

Collection: Queen (153cm x 203cm)

A traditional Kiwi favourite; Queen size mattresses are our most sought-after size. Popular with couples, Queen beds offer the best of both worlds – extra room to stretch out, but cosier than our King options. Additionally, the Queen is a luxurious option for growing teens and guests, and is guaranteed to last the distance.

Easily accommodated by most bedrooms, the Queen is a versatile option for the master to a spacious spare bedroom.

Not the right size? Check out our size guide for other options.

Make sure to check the dimensions of your room and have a thought-out plan for how you are going to move your new mattress into its assigned room. It is crucial to be aware of any doors that the mattress will need to fit through and stairwells before reaching the room when moving inside.

Keep in mind that mattress sizes vary from country to country so if you have an imported bed base make sure to measure it prior to purchasing a new mattress. For the perfect night's sleep, it’s important that your mattress fits perfectly on top of your bed frame.

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