The Pillow Project

Ensuring every family in need has a place to rest their heads

BedsRus are proud to present The Pillow Project, with our community partner, Woven Earth. Woven Earth furnish homes for families who have fled from domestic violence with no possessions. Through The Pillow Project, BedsRus commit to giving every Woven Earth family member in need - a new pillow, as they start their rebuild journey.Woven Earth founder, Kerryn Thrupp says “in some cases the BedsRus pillow will be the first new item that is actually theirs to keep as most have fled with nothing. This small but important gift will be worth so much to people in need in such a challenging time in their lives.” BedsRus are honoured to be a part of this special project as we believe everybody deserves a safe and comfortable place to rest their head.

Barnardos envisages an Aotearoa where every child shines bright

Everything they do is designed to bring them closer to this vision and BedsRus are thrilled to partner with them to help make this vision a reality.

Sadly, children’s lights are dimmed in Aotearoa by many things, including abuse and violence, bullying, mental health issues, neglect, the impact of poverty, restricted access to quality education and a lack of understanding and support of their developmental needs.

Barnardos’ strength is in the breadth and depth of what they do. Whatever a child's needs, they will strive to meet them. Their experience and expertise mean their services make a positive, long-lasting difference to children's lives.

Their organisation has two strong arms – direct social services and early childhood education services.

Barnardos’ direct social services are extensive and include foster care, residential care, and child and youth counselling helpline, family violence safety programmes, child protection, intensive parenting support and social work.

Dream Big Grant

The BedsRus Dream Big Grant offers individuals some financial support to help them achieve their own dreams. At BedsRus, we believe chasing dreams is important now more than ever, as even some of our biggest dreamers may find fulfilling their dreams difficult to come by, while we face our current challenges.