What are the measurements of each bed size?

Selecting the right bed size is an important decision. There are a number of factors to consider, such as how much space you like, or if you sleep beside someone. Singles and Doubles are ideal choices for one person, while we’d recommend couples sleep in at least a Queen or King size bed. We’re here to help eliminate any confusion that comes with deciding which bed size is right for you.

Mattress (cm) Base (cm)
91 x 188 91 x 188
Long Single
91 x 203 91 x 203
King Single
107 x 203 107 x 203
137 x 188 137 x 188
Long Double
137 x 203 137 x 203
153 x 203 153 x 203
167 x 203 83.5 (x2) x 203
Super King
183 x 203 91.5 (x2) x 203
203 x 203 101.5 (x2) x 203


Mattress (cm)
91 x 188
Base (cm) 91 x 188

Long Single

Mattress (cm)
91 x 203
Base (cm) 91 x 203

King Single

Mattress (cm)
107 x 203
Base (cm) 107 x 203


Mattress (cm)
137 x 188
Base (cm) 137 x 188

Long Double

Mattress (cm)
137 x 203
Base (cm) 137 x 203


Mattress (cm)
153 x 203
Base (cm) 153 x 203


Mattress (cm)
167 x 203
Base (cm) 83.5 (x2) x 203

Super King

Mattress (cm)
183 x 203
Base (cm) 91.5 (x2) x 203

Cali King

Mattress (cm)
203 x 203
Base (cm) 101.5 (x2) x 203

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