Recyclable Mattress, Sleepyhead Zero

Sleepyhead Zero is the first mattress in New Zealand that’s designed to be recycled.

It’s sustainable and gentler on the planet, because when you’re finished with your Zero, it goes back to Sleepyhead for recycling.

The Zero mattress range is made of a supportive foam core so you can still benefit from quality and comfort when choosing sustainable and convenience. It comes packaged in a handy duffle bag, ready for you to take home straight away or conveniently get delivered. Plus, the strong eco-friendly duffle bag made of recycled cotton can be repurposed for many uses.

If it didn’t tick enough boxes already, when you buy Zero you’re supporting local – as it is one of only two beds of its kind to be made in New Zealand. Sleeping sustainably has never sounded dreamier.


Sleepyhead Zero

Zero. We're For The Environment

Zero. Love Your Planet, Love Your Sleep

Sleepyhead Zero is more than just a mattress recycling initiative. It’s an affordable bed that offers comfort and support, all conveniently packaged in a bag so you can take it home today! Unzip the duffle, unroll Zero, then let it settle and it’s ready for you to enjoy. A fantastic night’s sleep has never been so simple.

Sleep easy with Zero and enjoy up to five-year warranties throughout the range. Once it comes to the end of its useful life, it’s recycled at Sleepyhead to keep it from our landfills. Never has value and sustainability worked so well together.

Sleepyhead Zero Range

Sleeping sustainably has never been easier with the latest iteration of Sleepyhead’s Zero range – the only mattress that can be returned to its place of purchase to be recycled and one of only two beds of its kind actually made in New Zealand. The Zero R170, RV200 and RV230 are all available in Single & Queen size and come packaged in a convenient duffle bag for easy transportation.

Ecoloft fibre quilting – made from plastic bottles destined for landfill – features throughout the range, offering an environmentally smarter and equally comfortable sleep. If you’re interested in more premium features such as Memory Foam or Eurotop, the RV200 & RV230 incorporate these for elevated comfort levels.

Note - the Zero mattress is not a foldaway, and once opened in place, it cannot be re-packed. If you are after a solution that opens then packs away when not in use, please see our Zero Stowaway which does exactly that.

Sleepyhead Zero Stowaway

Looking for a comfortable, yet sustainable sleep that can be folded away for convenient storage when guests aren’t there? The Sleepyhead Zero Stowaway is the most comfortable and portable bed, also featuring the same sustainable benefits of our full Zero range. Its tri-fold design and handy carry bag means it can be easily stored until you need it.

Fold out, sleep and fold away – Zero worries!

Kitset Base

The Zero bed ensemble features the Sleepyhead Kitset Base - a unique, easy to assemble base that comes in two flat-pack boxes so you can have it delivered or throw it in the car with your Zero bed!

Featuring sustainable New Zealand made pine slats, the bed snaps together easily for quick, tool-free assembly.


It starts with scientists in white coats and ends with a truly remarkable mattress core that’s not only super supportive, it’s also able to be recycled into other products when it comes to the end of its useful life.


Sleepyhead Zero is the only mattress in New Zealand that can be returned to its place of purchase to be recycled into other products like flooring underlay at the end of its lifespan.


The sustainability story behind Zero starts with the Ecoloft fibre inside the mattress which is made from recycled plastic bottles finely ground into granules and then carefully woven into fluffy fibre.


Zero comes in handy duffle bags for easy transportation. No need to hire a trailer, no waiting for a courier to deliver, just pop it in the back of the car and take it home today.


Knowing you are doing your bit for the planet should help you sleep soundly but in the event you do toss and turn, the Zero range is designed to help minimise mattress movement - problem solved.


Invented to ensure astronauts are comfy during takeoff and landing, here on earth it moulds to your body when you’re asleep for extra pressure relief and cuddly comfort.

The Easy duffle

When you buy your Sleepyhead Zero, it comes in a handy duffle bag so you can take it home straight away. Alongside this convenience, we have designed the packaging to be as sustainable as possible and the duffle itself can be repurposed.

Please note: The duffle bag is for initial transportation from the store to the mattress's new home. Once the Zero bed is taken out of the duffle - it will not pack back in. If you would like a solution that can always be folded back into a carry mode - please see our Zero Stowaway, a perfect and convenient solution when the bed needs to be packed and unpacked regularly.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Marathon Foam?

Marathon Foam is a specialty high quality Dunlop Foam grade used in bedding applications for durable, long lasting support. Marathon foam is treated with Fresh Protect anti-microbial and anti-bacterial protection for a healthier home environment.

What is Ecoloft?

Plastic products like bottles that would otherwise be destined for landfill, or end up in the ocean, are recycled becoming an environmentally smarter fibre that’s every bit as comfortable as other traditional polyester fibres.

What sizes are available in the Zero range?

Zero mattresses are available in Single and Queen.

How is my Zero mattress recycled?

Sleepyhead manufactures foam and bedding, so they know that what goes into a Zero bed can be reused when it is returned. If the mattress is clean enough, Sleepyhead will turn your Zero recyclable mattress into flooring underlay, and we’re exploring other cool uses for the materials recycled from a Zero mattress.

Will you take my Zero mattress for recycling?

Hygiene standards mean we can’t recycle stained or dirty mattresses. Eco-friendly or not, no one wants to sleep on a mattress that’s just not hygienic right? So we’ve set the bar high and recommend you use a waterproof mattress protector to keep your bed clean and dry. This maximises the likelihood that your mattress will pass our hygiene testing and serve it's second life as happy underlay.

Where do I take my Zero mattress for recycling?

Bring your good condition Zero mattress back to your store of choice and we will get it sent to Sleepyhead for recycling.

What is the warranty period on my Zero mattress have?

Zero comes with a five year warranty and when you're finished with it, the mattress can be recycled at Sleepyhead to keep it out of landfill.

Can the Zero bed go back into the duffle bag after it's opened?

Unfortunately not. The duffle bag has been sustainably created so that after you take your Zero home or it is delivered, you can use the duffle as a bag for any other occasion, however it is not a bag to pack your Zero bed back into. To ensure a premium sleep solution from a bed that is conveniently transported, the construction of the Zero bed would be compromised if able to be re-packed after its initial opening. If you are seeking a solution that packs and unpacks for those impromptu guest arrivals, we suggest viewing our Zero Stowaway bed which can do exactly that.

The Zero duffle bag is handy, but how do I transport the base?

That's a good question. The easy to assemble Kitset base comes in two handy boxes for convenient transport.