Chiropractic Perform & Epic Sleep

Collection: Chiropractic Perform & Epic Sleep

Sleepyhead’s new Chiropractic range continues its pursuit of offering improved conforming comfort solutions for optimal spinal alignment. This Everyday Back Care Support range is endorsed by the New Zealand Chiropractors’ Association and employs a full roster of technology that excels in postural design. The range features Torquezone, New Zealand’s most popular continuous coil spring system demonstrating strength and durability while offering targeted support to those areas that need it most. 

Is it for you?

If you enjoy the feel of a conventional inner-sprung mattress but are looking for enhanced lumber support and minimal roll together, we recommend trying the Chiropractic range. It's popular with a wide cross section of customers who simply love the supportive feel, while sufferers of back pain or injuries and larger frames often choose the Chiropractic.

What's inside?

The Torquezone Continuous Coil spring system provides ultimate strength, durability and support. Multi-zoned with increased coils in the lumbar area to ensure correct spinal alignment, its high-density foam perimeter strip increases stability to the very edge of the bed increasing the overall usable sleeping surface.

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