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SleepNation Blog

We’re for helping Kiwis sleep better to live better so we’ve curated a handy selection of tips and advice on how to catch more ZZZs and do more with every day.  Read how you can sleep better, live better.

  • Time to Hit Snooze

    As we welcome in Spring, the change in seasons can bring with it a number of causes for disrupted sleep… Check out our top tips to help you #SleepBetterNZ.
  • Sounds like Sleep

    If the sound of getting a good night’s sleep is music to your ears – you're in luck. We've done our research and found that some good tunes may be the optimal tool to get you snoozin'.
  • Natural Foods for a Better Sleep

    Food - It’s a crucial part of our daily routine, just as much as sleeping – but did you know you can pair the two together and eat your way to a better sleep?
  • Alert Level 3 & 2 Frequently Asked Questions

    We've put together some commonly asked questions around the recent Alert level 2 & 3 announcements. Like  - Are our stores open? or Where's my order?

    If you can't find the answers you're looking for, please contact us.

  • Sleep Safely And Soundly With The Experts

    Being the experts in sleep comes with great responsibility. The responsibility to continue providing the best sleep possible – no matter the challenge, no matter the time.
  • 5 Boxes To Tick When Bed Shopping

    With over 30 years of delivering Kiwis their best sleep, we’ve spoken to industry leaders and bed specialists to collate, the top 5 considerations when starting your next bed search.