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We’re for helping Kiwis sleep better to live better so we’ve curated a handy selection of tips and advice on how to catch more ZZZs and do more with every day.  Read how you can sleep better, live better.

  • Sleepyhead Sanctuary – An Icon in the Bedroom

    Sleepyhead has reissued its elegant Sanctuary range, with the latest iteration of this dreamy cult classic being met with much anticipation and excitement.
  • Stick it to the Heat!

    Over 30 years and 30 summers in the business - we know our stuff. Here's some handy top tips to help you keep your cool in bed.
  • Sleep Myths? Busted.

    Trusted advice comes from those with experience – but when it comes to sleep, we’ve had all our lives to practice. Leave it up to us as the experts in sleep to debunk the common misconceptions in getting your best snooze.
  • BedsRus - 30 Years of Sleep

    From humble beginnings to leading the country to sleep, we reflect on what has made us – BedsRus, arguably one of the nation's greatest retail success stories.
  • Sleepyhead Chiropractic

    Sleepyhead’s renowned Chiropractic range has always ranked support as its top priority and the latest iteration of the range is no different.
  • Hop into Bed with Better Health

    Believe it or not, one of the most important factors in improving our health is the simplest but at times the most difficult to come by – sleep.

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