Find your perfect match in minutes with Sleepmap.

We're proud to introduce Sleepmap: technology that takes the confusion out of choosing a new bed.

This leading edge, state-of-the-art bed matching system:

* Adds confidence to the process of choosing a new bed.

* Works for solo-sleepers and couples.

* Is a free service, with no obligation to purchase after you have received your profile.

* Takes only minutes to find your match.

Sleepmap's technology coupled with our bed specialists' expertise, make for a powerful combination to achieve your best sleep yet!

No guesswork, just confidence.

Take the confusion out of choosing your next bed: simply lay on Sleepmap in-store and let the heat mapping sensors do their work.

Mapping your sleep.

Our bed specialist will start with profiling your preferred sleep position—side, back or front.

You'll begin without a pillow (don't worry, the pillows come later!).

Sleepmap can profile an individual or a couple, identifying solutions that satisfy both needs, finding a unique sleep match you'll both enjoy.

Personalised imaging.

It's time to let Sleepmap work its magic. Packed with more than 10,000 sensors, Sleepmap captures your pressure points in real time and projects this onto a display screen.

Our bed specialists are trained extensively in Sleepmap and will explain the results in depth, identifying all areas that will benefit from added comfort and support.  

You will also be invited to experience the difference a well-fitted pillow makes and explore the benefits of an adjustable base.

Custom results.

Sleepmap's outputs are personalised to the extensive BedsRus range, with the benefits, technology and feel of each mattress considered in its calculations.

When it comes to results, you'll be shown where you fall on a matrix of comfort and support. This correlates to our Comfort Level System, which helps navigating bed comfort levels throughout the store.

A snapshot of your tailored Sleepmap profile is then provided, including a thoughtfully selected collection of beds that will cater to your pressure relief and support needs.

Try Sleepmap today at one of our BedsRus showrooms:

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Wairau Park
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New Lynn
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Mt Maunganui
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Te Rapa
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We are always growing our Sleepmap locations. So please revisit to see when Sleepmap is due to arrive in your nearest store.