Our comfort levels give you all the feels.

BedsRus want to make it simple for our customers to discover their dreamiest sleep ever.

With an easy to navigate Comfort Level scale, customers are able to identify the number or range suited to their needs and shortlist bed options within their identified comfort scale.

Either testing beds in store, filling out our in store Sleep Selector or speaking to one of our trained bed specialists, customers are purpose fitted to the comfort level that best suits their needs. This takes the guessing out of your bed research as you are able to sort and compare beds by comfort alone or in combination with other requirements. The Comfort Level scale is also clearly featured in store and online for easy navigation.

Look for the Comfort Level scale in our showrooms or featured throughout the website to help find the right comfort for your needs.

  • Extra Firm

    The ultimate firmness solution.

  • Firm

    High level of firmness, of particular benefit to back sleepers.

  • Cushion Firm

    A firmer, more rigid sleeping surface with good cushioning for comfort.

  • Medium Firm

    A combination of medium and firmer comfort layers. Ideal for stomach and back sleepers.

  • Medium

    The ‘middle’ zone. A great combination of comfort and support, works for most sleeping positions.

  • Medium Plush

    The ‘middle’ zone with added comfort layers.

  • Cushion Medium

    The softer end of the medium feel with more lavish cushioning layers.

  • Plush

    A plusher mattress with great pressure relief, contours to body shape.

  • Extra Plush

    An extra plush feel for simply melting into. Great for side sleepers.

  • Ultra Plush

    Pure indulgence, floating on a mattress cloud.

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