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BedsRus Corporate Responsibility

  • • BedsRus continually strives to achieve and uphold a standard of excellence, underpinned by a policy of honesty and integrity.

    • • Our service endeavours to provide customers with a quality experience through an exceptional product, operational excellence and a customer centric approach – ensuring the best possible product is delivered in a timely manner.

      • • BedsRus have an unwavering commitment to treat all existing and potential employees, suppliers and customers equally, without discrimination.

        • • BedsRus aim for all stores, warehouses and offices to foster a shopping and working environment that is free from intimidation, bullying and any other form of harassment.

          • • BedsRus aspires to fulfil its Corporate Responsibility in all aspects of compliance to commercial, employment, environmental, health and safety, ethical and other operational considerations.

            • • BedsRus pledge to reduce environmental impacts from its operations by undertaking measures that ensure environmental, health and safety management are of paramount importance. We commit to achieving this through continual process improvements and environmentally conscious operational techniques. Sleepyhead’s BedsRus Zero is the first recyclable mattress to be launched in New Zealand.

              • • BedsRus are committed to complying with all applicable laws and regulations, at all times.

                • • Our business strategies include the management and development of environmentally sustainable plans, as an integral part of our current and future state.

                  • • Our operational responsibilities respect and align with the goal to maintain a healthy and sustainable environment, supported widely by the industry, government and the public.

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