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Sleep Safely And Soundly With The Experts

August 14, 2020

Being the experts in sleep comes with great responsibility. The responsibility to continue providing Kiwis the best sleep possible – no matter the challenge, no matter the time.

At BedsRus, we’re prepared to do whatever it takes to deliver a good night’s sleep, and we understand the importance of needing to feel safe and secure in your bed purchase decision.

Rest assured, with our improved service, NZ made product and quality guarantee-backed offering, you can sleep easy knowing you’re laying on the best in market.

✔ Supporting local community

All our 47 nationwide stores are locally owned and operated by families in your neighbourhood. Some of our sleep experts have been looking after your local community for over 30 years. Buying from someone who knows their beds adds ease to the purchasing process, and you’ll always have a contact should you need continued assistance.

✔ Best value

Relationships aren’t built overnight and through our years as the experts in sleep, we have established market leading buying power to ensure you’ll always get the best value, every time. Our nationwide footprint also means no matter where you are, you’ll always have access to the best deals in town.

✔ The largest bed specialists in NZ for 30 years

Our commitment to sleep has never faltered – and you can be confident we’re not going anywhere. We have a reputation for proudly delivering better sleep to Kiwis for 30 years so you can rest assured, you’re buying from the experts.

✔ Dedicated customer service

Reaching a sleep specialist has never been easier, with our improved customer service channels giving you the flexibility of contacting them from your own home, through a host of options. We have a reputation of offering unbeatable support at the times you need it most. It’s no wonder we’ve won the Consumer’s People’s Choice award for best bedding store, voted by our customers, multiple years running.

✔ Extended warranty

Need a bed that lasts the distance? We’ve made purchasing a bed worry free with our warranty options. Our range of beds feature 5 or 10 year warranties, so you can be sure nothing will stand in your way of a good night’s sleep.

✔ Made in New Zealand

Buying New Zealand made is the safest way of ensuring your product will get to you on time – no delays, no hidden duties and localised support should anything go wrong. You’re also supporting small business, local jobs and NZ manufacturing. Choose carefully – if it doesn’t say NZ made, it probably isn’t.

✔ Trusted and quality brands

All our mattresses are sourced from New Zealand’s largest bed manufacturer, Sleepyhead – one of New Zealand’s most trusted brands, seven years running. And as the largest Sleepyhead bed specialist in the country, we match their commitment to ensuring Kiwis get the highest quality products for the best quality sleep.

With a relationship that dates decades, you can be confident you’re in bed with the best.

✔ Leading the nation to sleep

Catching your 40 winks can be difficult in challenging times, and it’s also when you need it most. Make sure you visit our #SleepBetterNZ campaign, where we’ve collaborated with NZ’s finest to curate a host of sleep tips and restful habits to achieve that perfect sleep.

As always, and as we navigate through the days and weeks ahead – should you ever need us, we’re only a click, call or message away.

BedsRus will always be New Zealand's premier destination for the perfect sleep and our support for Kiwis is unwavering.

Through the hard times and the good times; we’re for Kiwis, we’re for you and we’re for sleep.

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