Experience the Moments That Matter These Holidays

Experience the Moments That Matter These Holidays

13 December 2022

It’s so easy to get caught up in the holiday rush—the to-do lists, the invite lists, the shopping lists, recipe lists and wish lists…

Yes, all of the lists. To say that all you need to do in order to be present during the holidays is to reduce your list-admin would be pretty patronising. We’re not about that. Have as many lists as you need.

What we are about, though, is seeing every Kiwi living their best life out there. So with the holiday season looming, and the lists getting longer by the day, we want to pause and remind you that rest is not the same as laziness, and that there’s only one ingredient needed to ensure smooth sailing throughout the holiday season.

The Magic of a Great Sleep

How sleep supports your wellness needs during the holidays

There’s one thing that impacts our daily lives more than anything else. One thing that holds it all together, optimising our days and giving us the juice we need to reach for the stars. 

Yup, you guessed it: sleep.

To truly be there for the moments that matter these holidays, the most important thing—the non-negotiable thing—is that you maintain a good sleep routine.

You know that sleep is inevitable and important. But what makes it so essential at this time of year, with all the added stressors and demands on our time?

Here are our top five:


You’re likely to need to make a lot of choices over the holidays, and insufficient sleep will only hamper your ability to think clearly. Good sleep helps you think ahead, strategise effectively, and make the right decisions in the moment. 

Mood Balance

If you’re fortunate enough to have people in your life to spend time with over the holidays, we just know you’ll want to make that a time for joy—not a time to bicker. 

Sufficient, quality sleep helps keep your moods balanced, so that even when the inevitable happens and someone says something controversial over the Christmas ham, you’ll be able to keep your cool. 

Paying Attention

Ah, there it is: being present! To enjoy those precious moments over the holidays, you’ll need to be paying attention in those moments. 

A lack of sleep makes it difficult to focus, but a good sleep will help you keep your attention on the moments (and the people!) that matter. 


Have you ever crashed into your holiday, worn out and depleted, ready for some R&R…only to get sick? It’s a thing. 

Sleep restores everything in the body, and that includes your physical processes. When you get enough of it, sleep supports your immunity, assisting you to fight off anything untoward so that you don’t need to spend your holiday time, tissue in hand, missing all the fun.


There are so many TREATS around at this time of year! And while it’s definitely a time to indulge, we can all agree that feeling bloated and sluggish isn’t an ideal way to spend the holidays. 

Adequate sleep helps balance your appetite, meaning that it’ll be easier to have one serving of pavlova instead of the whole thing. 

At BedsRus, we’re about you first.

And we’re about sleep. Great sleep. Magical sleep. Sleep that’s customised to you. 

Yes, we make and sell beds. But we do this because the very best way to ensure you get a great night’s sleep—the kind that lets you carpe diem every day, even in the holiday season—is to have the right bed for you: your body, your sleep-style and your comfort. 

Our vision is to see every Kiwi live their best life through quality, meaningful sleep geared to their specific wellness needs. We want to ensure every New Zealander is fitted to their perfect bed.

Find your perfect bed, and feel the magic of a great sleep:

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