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SleepNation Blog

We’re for helping Kiwis sleep better to live better so we’ve curated a handy selection of tips and advice on how to catch more ZZZs and do more with every day.  Read how you can sleep better, live better.

  • Time to Hit Snooze

    Time to Hit Snooze

    As we welcome in Spring, the change in seasons can bring with it a number of causes for disrupted sleep… Check out our top tips to help you #SleepBetterNZ.
  • Sounds like Sleep

    Sounds like Sleep

    If the sound of getting a good night’s sleep is music to your ears – you're in luck. We've done our research and found that some good tunes may be the optimal tool to get you snoozin'.
  • Fall back, fall behind?

    Fall back, fall behind?

    The end of daylight savings seems the perfect chance to squeeze in that sleep-in you never have time for, as time falls back and darkness creeps forward. However, this is often misconstrued; an extra hour overnight often does not equate to paying off sleep debts.
  • Stick it to the Heat!

    Stick it to the Heat!

    Over 30 years and 30 summers in the business - we know our stuff. Here's some handy top tips to help you keep your cool in bed.
  • Sleep Myths? Busted.

    Sleep Myths? Busted.

    Trusted advice comes from those with experience – but when it comes to sleep, we’ve had all our lives to practice. Leave it up to us as the experts in sleep to debunk the common misconceptions in getting your best snooze.
  • Natural Foods for a Better Sleep

    Natural Foods for a Better Sleep

    Food - It’s a crucial part of our daily routine, just as much as sleeping – but did you know you can pair the two together and eat your way to a better sleep?