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Sounds like Sleep

May 14, 2021

If the sound of getting a good night’s sleep is music to your ears – you may just be in luck. Disconnecting from the day is a struggle many Kiwis face and the secret to silencing your mind may be easier than you think, and contrary to popular belief, it’s as easy as pressing play.

As the experts in sleep, we aim to provide you with a premium sleep experience that extends beyond the mattress – and recently we’ve found research that suggests good tunes may be the optimal tool to get you snoozin’. Sleep music offers an easy solution for those restless nights and has recently surged in popularity as an affordable sleep aid, without any side effects.

It’s no new fad either, there’s historical proof that melodies were often played by moonlight—and it seems to evoke an orchestrated response from our body too.

✔ Synchronised snoozing

Music has powerful effects on your breathing and heart rate. A tune with a tempo of 60–80 beats per minute mimics that of a resting heart rate, subsequently causing your breathing and heart rate to slow. This simulates what your body experiences in the early stages of sleep, so you’ll be on your way to dreamland before you know it.

✔ Efficient and effective

Is there one thought keeping you from slumber at night? The amount of time it takes to nod off versus the time you spend asleep is referred to as sleep efficiency. Music acts as a catalyst in this equation, with research showing you’ll fall asleep quicker with some twilight tunes. Make it a nightly routine and the positive effects are proven to build overtime!

✔ Get in the mood

Emotions running high? There’s no doubt you’ll be in for a disrupted sleep. Music at bedtime has the ability to help wash away the stresses and anxieties of each day. Feel the physical benefits as it eases your nervous system and muscle tension, helping you melt into your mattress and feel the full effects of a luxurious night’s sleep.

✔ Go lightly on the lyrics

Just as easily as music subconsciously influences your breathing and heart rate, your brain can’t help but sing along too. Songs with lyrics can mentally stimulate the cognitive centers in your brain – so it’s best to avoid this right before bed.

It’s hard to argue with science, so our network of industry experts took it upon themselves to put the research to the test. After experimenting with many music libraries, we’ve carefully curated our top tunes into a Spotify playlist here to share with you — as our continued commitment to help all Kiwis #SleepBetterNZ.

If you have put on your snoozy sonata but your sleep is still hitting a flat note, the rest of your sleep environment may be out of tune. Talk to one of our bed specialists today to find out how to orchestrate all elements of your bedroom for the perfect night's sleep.

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