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Stick it to the Heat!

January 29, 2021

Summer sun, something’s begun – but oh those summer nights!

And if your summer nights involve discarded duvets and sheet togas as the heat creeps your body temperature higher – those summer nights will leave you feeling less than revived.

After a night of duvet dancing, the heat may have you feeling beat. It’s a common problem for Kiwi’s, especially during our warmer months but despite the nights being shorter this side of the world, there’s no reason our sleep should be.

Over 30 years and 30 summers in the business – we know our stuff. Here’s some handy top tips to help you keep your cool in bed.

✔ Cost-efficient option? Big fan.

On the investment spectrum of opening the window to blasting the air-con; flicking on a fan is a happy medium. Fans draw heat out of a room and can expel it out of an open window as they increase air flow. Cool tip: place a bowl full of ice cubes in front of the fan to draw the air temperature even lower! (But as always be sure to take care – water and electricity do not mix!)

✔ Dog-gone heat!

Hosting partners and pets in the bedroom definitely offers great company, but each extra body in the bed can climb the mercury higher. Try to keep your distance in the summer months, as to not trap extra heat between you and your companion. If the heat persists you may have to reserve a spot for your furry friend on the living room couch (or your partner – we don’t judge!)

✔ Fashion for the futon.

Loose-fitting clothing is one unshakeable fashion trend that has lasted through generations and your pajamas should be no different. Light, cotton pajamas wick away excess sweat from your skin and encourage airflow and breathability for a cooler night’s sleep.

✔ Spread yourself thin.

If you’re sleeping solo or have extra wriggle room in the bed, make the most of it! Spreading your arms and legs wide is a simple way to keep your body temperature down by increasing air circulation and can minimise hot pockets in areas like your arm joints. Go out on a limb and try the starfish position to keep things breezy.

✔ The secret's in the sheets.

Although silky, satin sheets feel like luxury to slip into after a hard day’s work, fabrics like this can trap body heat and you may feel like you’re spending the night in a sweaty sheet cocoon. Opting for breathable bed linen, like high quality cotton sheets helps disperse body heat. The less heat that remains trapped between the covers, the easier it is to feel cooler and comfortable.

✔ Sleep science.

When investing in a quality bed, the magic of a mattress is under its hood. Different materials and targeted technology can aid heat dissipation much more effectively than other alternatives. Some of the tech is out of this world, like Sleepyhead’s Kulkote temperature regulation technology inspired by that of NASA astronauts. Kulkote fibres absorb and release heat energy at specific temperatures, to give you a more consistent sleeping climate. An exciting new development in the bed game; already a game-changing choice for many Kiwi sleepers.

Finding the time to step back from summer activities to get a good night’s sleep may be difficult enough so there’s no need to swelter in bed also. If you’ve tried to keep you’re cool but you’re still seeing red – check out our range of beds featuring the latest in temperature regulating technology, Sleepyhead Kulkote, in your local store today.

We’re for sleep and for beating summer heat. No sweat!

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