Science into sleep

With technology originally developed for use in space to manage temperature, Sleepyhead and tech innovator Kulkote are revolutionising comfort in the bedding industry.

Many of us struggle with overheating while we sleep. Kulkote contains temperature reactive microcapsules – as Kulkote absorbs heat energy a cooling effect is created. This cycle helps you feel more comfortable in bed.

Kulkote Blue

Kulkote is designed to give you a more consistent sleeping climate. It is water-based, breathable and ecofriendly. Tiny non-toxic microcapsules are infused in the mattress layer to absorb and release energy at specific temperatures.

Our Chiropractic HDX beds are infused with revolutionary Kulkote technology. 

Kulkote Silver

Kulkote Silver takes all the amazing qualities of Kulkote but boosts it using the natural antibacterial properties of silver. For centuries silver has been used as an antimicrobial to kill harmful bacteria.

Our Swisstek range has the combined antimicrobial and thermal abilities of silver boosted with Kulkote to provide a healthier and more comfortable sleep.

Kulkote Copper

Kulkote Copper has the addition of mother nature’s best known thermal conductors, copper.

While Kulkote work to absorb warmth away from the body then release it back if needed, the addition of copper improves that heat transfer for a better sleep environment.

Our Sanctuary range features the supercharged Kulkote Copper.

If you’re like many Kiwis who struggle to find the perfect temperature for a comfortable night’s sleep, then Sleepyhead's KulKote is a feature worth investing in when you're looking for a bed.