Woven Earth & BedsRus

Woven Earth helps family violence survivors with practical items to rebuild their lives after they flee from violence. Our partnership with Woven Earth in The Pillow Project is such a critical part of being able to provide dignity to these families. In some cases the BedsRus pillow will be the first new item that is actually theirs to keep as most have fled with nothing. This small but important gift becomes so much to people in need in such a challenging time in their lives.

Woven Earth believe there are many gaps in the provision of support after families speak out and leave their abusive homes. These families are faced with the overwhelming task of rebuilding their lives with often nothing more than a few possessions. This is what Woven Earth call the #thenwhat

The #thenwhat is a dark and scary place and the challenges these families face are many. People think leaving is a singular event – it is not. The journey out can sometimes seem more overwhelming and impossible than leaving. Woven Earth are committed to helping ease the burden after these brave people leave. In doing so, they can help to change the #thenwhat and make the decision to leave, stay safe and rebuild a new safe non-violent life seem possible.

Woven Earth work with Shine and Women's Refuge to help family violence survivors rebuild their lives by furnishing their houses with love and dignity, to create a home for them to start the next chapter of their lives.

They support the children to walk the journey alongside their parent. When a parent flees violence with their children they also leave behind their treasured toys, their social circle and their personal possessions. Their life is tipped upside down. Although you can never replace these items it can be the simple things that will make their lives happier, provide a sense of security and connect them to their new home and new community.

We all need a community around us and just as these families need community, Woven Earth needs a community around them to keep giving to these families the help they need to stay strong and believe that there is a brighter and better life for them.

If you want to help change the #thenwhat and be part of doing something positive visit www.wovenearth.org.nz