Chiropractic HDX Reflex

Collection: Chiropractic HDX Reflex

Our Advanced Back Care Support range encompasses our top-of-the-line Chiropractic HDX which features KülKōte, a water-based temperature regulating technology originally designed for Nasa space suits. The 5-zone Torquezone HD support system combined with and additional central row of mini pocket coils for even more targeted support and additional benefits for airflow and temperature management and a reduction in partner disturbance.

Is it for you?

Gently cradles your hips and shoulders, while also helping to provide optimal spinal alignment. Ideal for anyone wanting a bed that does it all.

What's inside?

The advanced 5-zoned design actively cradles the body and provides elevated support. A high density unique New Zealand made memory foam infused with titanium & gel particles for conforming comfort with improved support and thermal performance. A solid foam edging provides support right to the edge of the mattress reducing the 'roll out' feeling.

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