Chiropractic HD Radiate

Collection: Chiropractic HD Radiate

Sleepyhead’s new Chiropractic HD ranges are the optimal solution for those seeking market-leading postural design with the addition of premium features. Our Specialist Back Care Support range includes Chiropractic HD which offers Titanium:GelFoam for superior therapeutic properties to assist in balanced temperature and support while you sleep. With endorsement from the New Zealand Chiropractors’ Association, the graduated 5-zone Torquezone HD spring system delivers enhanced therapeutic support and comfort.

Is it for you?

Gently cradles your hips and shoulders, while also helping to provide optimal spinal alignment. Ideal for anyone wanting a bed that does it all.

What's inside?

The advanced 5 zoned design actively cradles the body and provides advanced support. A high density unique foam structure with a firm feel provides extra support and luxurious comfort and solid foam edging provides support right to the edge of the mattress reducing the 'roll out' feeling.

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