Sleep Gadgets to Help you Sleep Soundly

Sleep Gadgets to Help you Sleep Soundly

July 30, 2022
Our Guide to the Best Sleep Gadgets to Help You Sleep Soundly

The future is here

Are you still having trouble falling asleep the analogue way? If you’re tired of counting sheep, and facing another night of tossing and turning, isn’t it time you tried something new? 

Technology plays an incredibly important part in our day-to-day lives. Nowadays there’s a gadget or at least an app, set to solve all of our first-world problems. Including, as we recently found out, our sleep. Although some may be a little reluctant to introduce technology, especially since the advice is generally skewed towards keeping the bedroom a device-free zone, it’s not as intimidating as you might think. 

If you’re feeling lost on where to start when it comes to the best in sleep-tech, we’ve got you covered. We’ve put together our top five gadgets to turn to, if you’re having trouble getting the quality sleep you’ve been dreaming about. 

Hatch Restore

Searching for an all-in-one solution? Look no further than the Hatch Restore. 

Is it a sound machine? A sunrise lamp? A music player? Meditation App? Alarm Clock? This nifty gadget is anything and everything you could ever want when combining your sleep schedule with the power of tech. Utilising all of the above, the Hatch Restore helps you get to sleep (and stay asleep) with curated content, dreamscapes, and pink noise to block out all things that go bump in the night. 

Better still? The Hatch Restore emulates natural light, giving you the best chance of waking up feeling refreshed and well rested, each and every morning. 

Shop the Hatch Restore here

Bose Sleepbuds II

Whether you travel a lot, have a partner (or a pet) who snores or are simply easily distracted by anything and everything once the lights go out, the Bose Sleepbuds II are about to solve all of your problems—well, the sleep-related ones, at least. 

In your quest for the perfect night’s sleep, you’ve probably tried many different headphones to help you block out unwanted sounds, but you probably haven’t tried headphones like these! The Bose Sleepbuds II utilise patented noise masking technology—clinically proven to help you fall asleep faster, and stay asleep for longer. 

Unlike traditional headphones, there are no wires to get caught up in, and no bulky overhang to press into your pillow: it’s the ultimate pairing between sound + comfort. 

Shop the Sleepbuds II here

Oodie Weighted Blanket

Fact or fiction, fad or fabulous, we’ll let you be the judge. But with so many people swearing by the power of a weighted blanket, and some incredible marketing, it’s got to be worth a shot, right? 

Similar to the sensation of a great hug, a weighted blanket is all about creating that feeling of comfort and safety as you drift off to sleep. For those prone to sheet aerobics or Olympic-level tossing and turning, this one’s for you. 

As a bonus, weighted blankets have been said to mitigate symptoms of anxiety and general restlessness, especially once the lights go out. 

Shop the Oodie Weighted Blanket here

The Calm App—With a Kiwi Twist

With so many apps out there to choose from when it comes to sleep stories and sleep hygiene, you really can’t go past the Calm App, especially for those of us looking for a ‘just like home’ twist on a traditional sleep story. 

Read by Jerome Flynn, Sacred New Zealand leads dreamers on a relaxing journey through the South Island. Although it might be told from a tourist’s eye, this story is set to help you not only get to sleep in the blink of an eye, but fall in love with the mountains all over again.  

You can sign up to Calm here

And finally… something so odd we couldn’t not mention it:

The Somnox Sleep Robot

Yep… you read that right, a sleep robot. The Somnox Sleep Robot is marketed as your ultimate sleep companion, and you’ll probably have to make the trip stateside to get your hands on one.  But according to all sources, this bean-shaped device breathes with you… 

As officials at Somnox testify, the calming rhythmic nature of the device subconsciously helps slow your breathing down, gradually inducing you into a tranquil and deep sleep. The Somnox is fully customisable and continually adapts to your body’s natural rhythm. Is it crazy expensive? Yes. Does it sound a little left of centre to sleep with a robot bean every night? Sure! But if it can really guarantee an incredible night’s sleep, who are we to say no to that! 

Buy the Somnox here

We know that introducing tech into the bedroom all in the name of improving your sleep schedule can seem a little counterintuitive to our previous ‘keep tech tech out of the bedroom’ advice. But here at BedsRus, when it comes to sleep, we’re always willing to explore all avenues to make sure you’re getting the good night’s rest you deserve. And don’t forget, before you take the George Jetson approach, ensure you’re resting on a solid sleep foundation.  This of course starts with your mattress. If you’re not ready to take on the tech just yet, talk to us about how finding the right bed, or pillow, can revolutionise your sleep–without getting too complicated. 

It’s got to be better than counting sheep, right?



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