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Wake up feeling good with Design Mobel

June 22, 2021

When your health, and the health of the planet matter to you, Design Mobel is a natural choice. The brand has recently launched two new ranges, continuing to pave the way in sustainability and a cleaner, healthier sleep.

Natural health, sustainability and considered design are at the heart of Design Mobel. An exceptional understanding of the impact sleep can have on our wellbeing has underpinned their 30-year legacy. Born out of the Bay of Plenty, the meandering coastal terrain influenced the design through their desire to preserve our great outdoors for generations to come. Sustainability has since been a core principle of the brand. The culmination of Design Mobel’s excellence in these endeavors have earned the brand multiple design awards and accolades, including New Zealand Sustainable Business of the Year.

The latest Renew and Restart models pay tribute to these foundations; honouring the Design Mobel name, whilst embracing the latest research and development to deliver a tailored sleep solution – both kind on sleep and the environment.

Designed and crafted in New Zealand, the inclusion of natural and renewable materials are a critical foundation of the new ranges. Natural latex is a key component; sustainably sourced and free of pesticides and toxic chemicals, offering an inherently hypoallergenic and antibacterial sleep surface. Both ranges are finished in 100% New Zealand felted wool, renowned for its hypoallergenic and flame resistant properties.

Pure Series: Restart

A bed in its purest form, with 100% natural fabrics and fully recyclable; the Design Mobel Restart has been thoughtfully engineered to ensure sustainability needn’t compromise on comfort.

  • Eco-friendly threads
    Delightfully soft cotton—free of pesticides and toxic chemicals—has been intertwined with Tencel fibres, gently embracing the goodness of the bed and those who lay on it. Sourced from certified sustainable forests, Tencel flaunts excellent moisture wicking properties and 100% biodegradability, keeping both our sleep and the environment in good nick.
  • Probiotic latex core
    Natural latex has transformed many bedrooms into a sleep haven, ideal for Kiwis sensitive to allergens and irritants. Design Mobel’s sustainably sourced latex is naturally anti-bacterial, hypoallergenic and non-toxic. Natural probiotics are infused throughout, activated by friction they offer a natural remedy against allergens and dust mites, for a healthier sleep.
  • Reduce, reuse, restart
    The roster of technology, comfort and support that shapes the Restart is impressive, but even more so is the careful selection of each and every material to ensure it is recyclable. Once the mattress has reached the end of its useful life, the manufacturer will take it back for recycling. The Restart mattress is reborn, to serve in another form of comfort – such as carpet underlay.

Hybrid Series: Renew

Dreaming of a healthier planet? The Design Mobel Renew is crafted from a selection of natural and recycled materials that create a healthier sleep space. Thoughtfully engineered, the Renew contributes to cleaning up and sustaining a better environment.

  • Upcycled cover
    Delicate to touch and sound to sleep on, it’s hard to believe 100 recycled plastic bottles have been incorporated into the design of a Renew queen mattress. SEAQUAL™ fibre is caringly crafted from upcycled ocean plastics, to help bring value to recovered marine litter. Considerately blended with Tencel, Design Mobel strives toward an optimal sleep environment and healthier planet.
  • Unparalleled, pocket spring support
    True to its design principle of personalised sleep, the Renew exhibits individually cased pocket springs that respond to your weight and shape. Anywhere you venture on the bed, you’ll experience individualised, targeted support. Each coil absorbs movement – practically eliminating partner disturbance.

    The pocket springs throughout the Renew core have been heat tempered, flaunting undeniable durability for those who want to linger longer in their slumber. Environmentally friendly Dreamfoam® and Latex surround the core, enhancing the thought and care instilled throughout the range.

For Design Mobel, building a sustainable future continues far beyond the mattress. Alongside the range relaunch, alliances have been formed with Project Crimson, a Department of Conservation supported charity that have been championing native tree planting since 1990. For every Renew or Restart mattress sold and registered, the Trees that Count program—run by Project Crimson—will plant a native tree.

Design Mobel has pioneered the relationship between design prowess and environmentally thoughtful construction. As industries begin to evolve to a more sustainably-led future, the Renew and Restart models act as significant milestones in this journey. It’s the legacy of carefully curated expertise and thoughtful engineering that makes Design Mobel the difference between waking up, and waking up feeling good.

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