BedsRus - 30 Years of Sleep

BedsRus - 30 Years of Sleep

November 9, 2020

It’s a significant celebration, a milestone – turning 30. A time to pay tribute to success, growth and adaptability.

From humble beginnings to leading the country to sleep, we reflect on what has made us – BedsRus, arguably one of the nation’s greatest retail success stories.

A locally grown story

BedsRus was founded upon a story of unity; of locally grown businesses sharing a common goal to deliver Kiwis their best sleep. First-class expertise lent itself to a market-leading product and Sleepyhead excelled in this domain.

Born in a small factory shed in Auckland in 1935, Sleepyhead is today a third-generation, family run business – shaping dreams through functional excellence, precision craftmanship and an exquisite sleep experience. Budding entrepreneurs sensed this success and bedding businesses began to grow in local towns. In anticipation of Sleepyhead being the sought after centrepiece of every Kiwi’s bedroom, a few proud owners collaborated in a newspaper advertisement to share their dreams with the rest of New Zealand – and aptly named their collective, BedsRus.

A legacy of dreamers

Sleep has always been important to Sleepyhead and as they continued to grow, they proved their expertise – leading their business through the generations that followed. Improved offerings and innovations were released year upon year as the local market expressed their sleep needs and necessities. It was in the pursuit of comfort that BedsRus determined their full confidence in the Sleepyhead product, and New Zealand’s longest, exclusive bedding partnership was born.

The BedsRus network began to evolve. Many became invested in delivering an unprecedented sleep experience in their local town. With a market leading product; specialist knowledge defined the satisfactory from the exceptional and BedsRus quickly became the benchmark in sleep expertise. Although individually owned and operated, their unified objectives identified opportunities and laid foundations for more efficient sourcing, buying and business operations. So grew a following of dreamers; those who had experienced the best and would never settle for anything less.

A testimony to Kiwis

As with many locally grown success stories, we’ve navigated through triumphs and challenges with the rest of Aotearoa. Through it all, BedsRus and Sleepyhead’s iconic bedroom specialist status proves that a trusted Kiwi classic never goes out of fashion. From the customer journey to the most beautiful night’s sleep; leading the world in a celestial sleep experience has contributed to our longevity and stellar reputation.

Through our locally manufactured, exquisitely crafted product, dedicated bed specialists and award-winning service – BedsRus continues to be trusted as the benchmark in sleep expertise.

From spending a third of our lives in bed, and 30 years specialising in them – trust the team that spends every waking hour, dreaming of better sleep.


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