Sleepyhead Serenity – Every night should be a night of serenity.

Sleepyhead Serenity – Every night should be a night of serenity.

October 27, 2021

Nighttime is for moments of stillness, tranquility and calm. Sleepyhead’s Serenity range endeavours to merge the magic of evenings into truly serene sleep; the refashioned Peace & Essence models continue this legacy.

Sleepyhead’s renowned Serenity range challenges the benchmark of a rejuvenating sleep, by adding essential layers of care, comfort and support. An independently positioned pocket spring system is placed among layers of uniquely structured Dreamfoam®—a combination that will have you feeling like you’re floating on a million little bubbles.

A favourite among our dreamers, Sleepyhead Serenity features all the essentials of a market-leading sleep experience, in an exceptional value package.


Layers of luxe
Serenity showcases Dreamfoam® at its best. A staple in many of our luxury Sleepyhead beds, it enhances both comfort and support, core to the standout design of the new Essence and Peace range. Layers of firm, medium and plush density Dreamfoam® feature throughout the range, offering a feeling of weightlessness when you lay down for the night, no matter your comfort level preference.

Some of the more sophisticated Peace & Essence models feature additional comfort layers for specific solutions. Fusion:Gel contains the heat-absorbing qualities of gel particles for a balanced temperature throughout the night, while LatexGold is a natural antibacterial, fending off dust particles for a healthier sleep environment. Important additions to consider should you sleep warm, or experience asthma or hay-fever related issues.


Targeted support
Strong and independent, pocket springs are the time-honoured solution when it comes to delivering support where you need it most. The Serenity Peace features full height pocket springs that sit independently throughout the mattress, caring for those areas under pressure with personalised support.

If even greater support ranks as a priority, the Serenity Essence raises the bar. ActiveSense pocket springs are laid in three alternating zones throughout the mattress. These two stage coils detect and deflect pressure, while firmer pocket springs elevate comfort and work to eliminate partner disturbance. A mattress core that works wonders for your body, and your relationship.


Sleep freely
Topping off the exceptional sleep surface of Serenity is Fibre:Nuvole, delivering excellent cushioning for your body to enhance a great night’s sleep. Quilted throughout the top of the mattress, Fibre:Nuvole is selected for its ability to deliver comfort and keep the condition of your mattress tip top. The fabric works to release humidity and eliminate hotspots; creating a drier and healthier slumber space—one that has you breathing, sleeping and dreaming freely.


Sleepyhead Serenity has long been a BedsRus favourite. It offers a sleep experience that delivers exceptional support and comfort, and a contemporary, serene design adds a touch of allure to any bedroom.

When nights could be this serene… why settle for anything less?

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