June 13, 2022

 Introducing The Newest Innovation In Sleep Match Technology: SleepMap

 A sleep revolution is set to launch very soon, right here, and exclusively at BedsRus. 

We’re so excited and proud to introduce SleepMap, the state-of-the-art, bed matching system. By using global leading technology, we’re able to help you cut through the confusion when it comes to finding the right mattress for you. How? Science of course! 

As the experts in sleep, we’re always dreaming of ways to make it even easier for Kiwis to find their perfect mattress, which is exactly why we’re so excited about this brand new (first in the country) technology.  

SleepMap, brought to you by Sleepyhead, is all about adding confidence and certainty to the bed buying journey. Our bed matching system demonstrates how the right comfort and support can impact your sleep experience. Everyone knows that a good quality mattress, like one from BedsRus, can last up to 10 years, which can be quite a commitment! With a little help from SleepMap technology though, you can rest a little easier knowing that you’re making the right choice with your investment, and for your individual sleep needs. 

Featuring 10,000 sensors, a SleepMap bed displays a real-time, pressure map of the body, which helps our bed specialists identify areas where you might need extra support, or added comfort, and helps identify your perfect bed solution so you can get one step closer to a great night's sleep. 

SleepMap + our BedsRus team? Talk about a dream combination!

So how does it all work?

SleepMap generates an individual pressure map, and identifies your comfort needs all in the name of helping you sleep easy - using just four simple steps. 

1. Profiling – Let’s start with your preferred sleep position. Side, back, stomach… something else? Our bed specialists use SleepMap to determine your (and your partner’s) profile to identify what you need most once your head hits the pillow.  If you and your partner have different sleep priorities, not a worry, that’s where the magic (and the science) of SleepMap comes into play. 

2. Imaging – Put your feet up and snuggle in. Now it’s time for SleepMap to work its magic. The sensors capture your pressure points in real-time. Now we know it might look a little complicated, but our bed specialists are trained extensively in SleepMap and will explain the results in depth. You’ll also be encouraged to discover what a well-fitted pillow, and an adjustable bed base, can do for you and your sleep experience. 

3. Results – SleepMap + BedsRus = your best night's sleep. No matter the outcome, the SleepMap system has been tailored towards the BedsRus range, with the benefits and technology backed by SleepMap science, (and our state-of-the-art Comfort Level System) which makes your choice even easier. You’ll also get a snapshot of your tailored SleepMap as well as a curated collection of beds set to cater to your individual needs.


4. Choice – The fun part! BedsRus hosts one of the finest selections of mattresses in Aotearoa so you know we’re ready to be put to the test. By starting your search using your individual SleepMap results, as well as specialized help from one of our friendly team members, resting easy is closer than ever.  Our bed specialists will happily guide you through your personalised collection and highlight the benefits of each range.

Here at BedsRus, we believe that no one should compromise on a good night’s sleep and through using the SleepMap system, it’s now even easier to find your perfect match. We’re here to help Kiwis save time, remove the confusion and invest in a great night’s sleep. So, however you get your 40-winks, let us and SleepMap do the hard work in your quest for the perfect rest, tailored just for you.

SleepMap – your sleep, your way. 

Exclusively, at BedsRus.



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