Sleepyhead Chiropractic

Sleepyhead Chiropractic

October 27, 2020

There is science to sleep. It may not be rocket science, but when you spend a third of your life in bed it comes pretty close.

Sleepyhead’s renowned Chiropractic range has always ranked support as its top priority. It is unsurpassed in its ability to offer a comfortable solution for optimal spine alignment. All good structures rely on solid foundations and our bodies are no different; it’s important to know a positive day relies on a good night’s sleep.

The Chiropractic range centres on full body support, from its advanced spring system to the endorsement from the New Zealand Chiropractors’ Association. Underpinned by its promise to deliver head-to-toe support to Kiwis, the 2020 Chiropractic range has elevated the Sleepyhead offering, utilizing the latest research and development in the Chiropractic field.

To get scientific, it’s the full roster of technology that a Chiropractic mattress employs that helps deliver a top-quality sleep. This technology is constantly refined to cater to the changing ergonomics and environment of our daily lives. It’s important to note that humans change too – with factors such as age, injury, weight and stress. Hence, the 2020 Chiropractic range has revised its market-leading technology with the help of the Chiropractors’ Association to continue to deliver market leading support aligned to Kiwis’ everchanging needs.

✔ Therapeutic support

A Sleepyhead exclusive, the Torquezone coil system is the holy grail of postural support. It offers a system of continuous coil springs that deliver targeted support to those areas that need it most – notably the hips and shoulders. Not only that, Torquezone flaunts strength and durability so you can achieve optimal spine alignment that lasts the lifetime of the bed.

✔ Healthier sleep environment

With the Chiropractic – it’s in the name, we’ve got your back covered. Yet with the temptation of more time in a supportive bed, it’s just as important to keep your sleep environment in top condition. Dry-Tech fibres and Dreamfoam are featured throughout the range, so you can sleep soundly knowing you’re on a drier, healthier sleeping surface.

✔ In bed with the best

The New Zealand Chiropractors’ Association, Sleepyhead and BedsRus have been researching and developing beds for many years, so every Kiwi has the opportunity to access the bed support and features they need most. Built on the philosophy that supporting your back as you sleep is just as important as looking after it when you’re awake, the Chiropractic range is built on strong ambition. Sleepyhead have also pledged to raise funds for new chiropractic research and education initiatives, to continue to offer the best in market, both in their beds and toward wider back and wellness needs.

✔ Outstanding value

Not all mattresses are created equal, but there is a Chiropractic for every back. If you’re looking for a value option that still delivers the utmost support and comfort needed, look no further than the Chiropractic range. If you’re interested in investing in the finer details, such as luxurious natural fibres and KülKōte temperature regulating technology, the Chiropractic HD and HDX ranges might pique your interest.

Whether you’re taking a preventive or reactive approach to managing spinal support, we’ve got your back. Quality spine health is just as important when you’re laying down as when you’re on your feet – so if you’re looking to invest in a bed, find one that best satisfies these needs.

If you’re seeing a Chiropractor, it’s recommended to also speak to them about your sleep health. Their wealth of knowledge will set you on the right track to begin your bed search. Once you’ve identified your needs, head down to your local BedsRus store and one of our specialists will be on hand to find the bed best suited to your health and wellness requirements.

It’s time to lay down and enjoy your best back yet.

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