Sustainability and Zero

Sustainability and Zero

July 6, 2022

Sustainability And Zero

Rest easy for a better tomorrow.

When you switch to a more sustainable lifestyle, you notice things. Sometimes it’s easy to make sustainable choices, and sometimes—well, let’s just say the option to check the 'brown paper packaging' tick box just isn’t there. And what about longer life items, like furniture and mattresses?  

We get it. We can all agree that it’s time for businesses to focus on eco-conscious product innovation. Yes, even with mattresses. Turns out, it might actually be possible for a mattress to not only be made with recycled materials, but also be recycled when it’s time for a new mattress. 

Now it’s beyond 'possible': it exists. In the world. In New Zealand. And exclusively in BedsRus stores. So, let's look at what makes this latest sleep innovation so very special.

About Project Zero

Doing more, impacting less.

Sleepyhead have been in business for the last 85 years. Together with BedsRus, our shared commitment to innovation, customer satisfaction, and quality makes it a relationship worth nurturing. As we step into a more eco-conscious age, we continue to collaborate in product development and quite naturallythis includes the exploration of sustainable solutions in our mutual aim to impact less in our pursuit of better sleep.

Sleepyhead launched their Project Zero in 2019, with a mind to take real and meaningful steps in their commitment to sustainability and a zero-impact future.

It's a popular move these days—but it's popular for a good reason—because protecting the future of our planet is more than marketing: it’s an absolute necessity. 

BedsRus supports Project Zero as: 

  • An acknowledgement that businesses need to take more ownership of decisions and industry stewardship through their products’ supply chains, materials and life cycles, and
  • A commitment to continually evolve their solutions in the face of new information.

We worked with Sleepyhead to create a product that brings this commitment to life: a way to reuse and repurpose materials that could otherwise become waste. 

Here it is: The Zero Mattress

Giving plastic a second (and third) life.

So, Sleepyhead built it, and we’re here to help get it into your home… and then back to Sleepyhead to be recycled for its next life. 

The fibres inside the Zero Mattress are made from plastic bottles. You know, the ones that otherwise end up in landfills or harming sea life. To make Ecoloft fibre, recycled bottles are finely ground into granules and then carefully processed into fluffy fibres. 

But it doesn’t end there: we’re taking it all the way from something you can sleep on, to something you can walk on. Let us explain.

Once you’re ready for a new mattress, you can bring your old one right to any one of our stores across NZ and we’ll take care of getting it back to the science-masters at Sleepyhead. For now, they plan to recycle old Zero Mattresses into new flooring underlay. As anyone who’s ever set a bare foot on freshly laid carpet knows: it’s all about the squish.  

In human speak, that means you get a recycled, recyclable mattress—without compromising on comfort. 

Speaking of comfort…

Imagine you’re reclining on a cloud. But not just any cloud: a you-shaped cloud. A cloud that, somehow, has defied the laws of physics, and comfortably cradles your body, relieving pressure for a sensation of near weightlessness. Kinda like… you’re floating in space.

Introducing… memory foam: originally invented to keep astronauts comfy during take-off and landing, and now it’s used in the top layer of the Zero RV200 and RV230 mattresses. 

We say, if it can maintain comfort for a person hurtling through space in a rocket, it makes for a pretty snug sleep surface here on earth.  

Bringing it home.

Moving a bed is famously awkward.  But not this one.

The Zero Mattress is way too easy to bring home. It comes compressed in a handy, (and yes, upcyclable) duffel bag, so you can pop it in your car and start enjoying it that very night, without pulling a muscle in the process. 

Tip: It takes some hefty logistics to compress the mattress enough to fit in the bag, so once it’s out, it’s not going back in. But the duffel bag can be repurposed for all sorts: a spare sheet storage solution or a gym bag that will fit all your gear.

If you choose the Zero kit set bed base to match, that’s simple too: it’s an easy-assembly kitset that comes in two boxes. It’ll fit in your car, so you can let your mate with a trailer off the hook.

All this? It’s only the start.

So, the Zero Mattress exists: a sustainable solution for the eco-conscious sleep enthusiast. But there’s no need to stop there. In fact, we’re just getting started. 

Our industry still has a long way to go towards the sustainable future we’re all committed to. And making a real, long-term difference takes time and dedication. We’re delighted to be aligned with Sleepyhead, who are pioneering this innovation in New Zealand—and to be stocking the Zero Mattress, the first exciting outcome of Project Zero. 

We value ultimate wellness through better sleep for all Kiwis and making a positive contribution for a better tomorrow. We can’t wait to share the next big innovation with you.

BedsRus, in bed for a sustainable future.

View the Zero Range.

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