Thank You

Thank You

The team at BedsRus would like to extend a huge thank you to our wonderful customers. After a whirlwind of a year full of ups and downs, we never cease to be amazed at how much support we receive from our community.

2022 brought us closer to our mission of seeing every Kiwi live their best life, through quality, meaningful sleep. We were delighted to find through research that more Kiwis turn to BedsRus as their independent bedding retailer of choice. It’s not an honour we take lightly, and we continue to live our mission everyday through our values of excellence and performance, product innovation, people and values, and our local community.

With your help this year, we’ve been busy! Here are some highlights:

  • We saw increased support of The Pillow Project, assisting numerous families as they navigate their rebuilding journey.
  • Our Dream Big Grant—which supports aspiring Kiwis with big dreams, has assisted multiple recipients to make a profound difference within their local communities.
  • We launched SleepMap, an in-store, scientific bed matching system. The global innovation uses sensors to map individual support needs and prescribe bed solutions. A New Zealand first, we are proud to help revolutionise the way Kiwis choose their beds.
  • We’ve contributed to the planting of many trees through our Design Mobel Trees That Count collaboration.
  • We delivered more Zero beds than any other year. Zero is another New Zealand first; a fully recyclable mattress. It is a testament to the resolute commitment of Kiwis to a better tomorrow by supporting sustainable products.
  • We launched the next iteration of the iconic Sanctuary bed range, our most premium sleep offering, revered as the most exquisite sleep ever made.
  • Our national support office team grew, as did our product range to include a full complement of bedding; including sheets, duvets, pillows and mattress protectors.
  • We were excited to continue our exceptional relationship with Sleepyhead—the most trusted bed manufacturer—and have plans for exciting collaborations in our delivery of exceptional sleep solutions in 2023.
  • We’ve grown our retail teams, and our overall store footprint across the country.
  • We’ve delivered exceptional sleep to more Kiwis than any other year.

    ‘Being present’ is a value we regularly champion, so we were thrilled to weave our personal values into our 2022 brand campaign—finding the magic in life’s moments. The campaign was a reminder that being present, whether at home, work, with friends or family, is truly the essence of a full and happy life. It was a privilege to be able to remind Kiwis and ourselves of this important message.

    We are so proud of the BedsRus whānau, full of hardworking sleep kings, queens and everyone in between, helping thousands of Kiwis nationwide achieve their best sleep.

    We wish you all a very merry festive season, a safe and happy new year. We send our best wishes and hope you take the time to be present and find the magic in your every day.

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