What to do if You're a Hot Sleeper?

What to do if You're a Hot Sleeper?

Sleeping Hot? Here’s What to do...

Summer can be sizzling, sticky and sometimes missing the sunshine parts. When it gets hot, and it usually does eventually, it can be a real struggle to get some quality shut-eye. 

So in preparation, it’s time to drop our tips on keeping cool on hot nights, because getting your temperature right for sleep is more important than you might think!

Why is it important to stay cool at night?

You might have heard that the ideal room temperature for optimal sleep is around 18°C. Sounds a little chilly, perhaps, and—unless you have an AC unit in your bedroom—is difficult to consistently achieve in the warmer months. 

But it is important. In fact, temperature is one of the most important factors that contribute to quality sleep. It’s science. Your body needs to be able to regulate its internal temperature, which can change a lot in a 24-hour period—but it reaches its coolest around daybreak. 

When you sleep hot, it can interrupt this process and result in a disrupted sleep. And we know what that means: groggy days, difficulty concentrating, mood swings, health problems… the list goes on.

The good news is that there are plenty of ways to control your sleeping temperature even if you don’t have an AC unit in your bedroom. Here are our top four. 

Four Ways to Keep Cool on Hot Nights

Use Your Freezer

This is going to sound a bit strange, but it’s worth a shot: there are so many things you can freeze to help bring your body temperature down at bedtime. 

Some people freeze their sheets for a couple of hours before bed (but that sounds like a lot of work to us). Others freeze their socks and pyjamas, a bottle of water, or a flannel to put on their neck or forehead. You can even chill a jug of water and put it into a hot water bottle to make a cold water bottle!

Cooling your pulse points is another technique many swear by. You can put ice packs on your wrists, ankles, and the crooks of your knees and elbows to efficiently cool down. Just don't forget ice burn is a thing! So never apply ice directly to skin.

If this is all a bit much, try the beginner version: keeping a glass of ice water by the bed. 

Adjust Your Sleep Styles

The best thing to do before bed is to take a warm or lukewarm shower. It doesn’t have to be cold, but it can be if you’re up for the challenge! This will help establish a comfortable body temperature going in, but if it’s an especially warm and sticky night, you’ll also go to bed feeling fresher—meaning that you’ll likely have an easier time falling asleep. 

The best thing to wear to bed? Nothing at all! The benefits of sleeping in the nude have long been touted, but they do have a point. Sleeping naked enables your body to maintain a cooler temperature, resulting in better quality sleep. It also has a bunch of other health benefits!

The best position to sleep in to keep cool is the starfish position. Lay on your back with your feet pointing out and your arms pointing out. By not letting your body touch other parts of your body, you’re more likely to avoid overheating and excessive sweating.

Get The Right Bedding

Your sheets, blankets and pillow cases will need to be made of the right stuff to keep your body at a comfortable temperature throughout the night. 

As a rule of thumb, avoid anything synthetic like polyester, as it won’t breathe (and will tend to trap odours as well). The best fabrics for quality sleep are 100% cotton or linen, because they will breathe (and won’t feel so sticky!). 

If you can, invest in a mattress and/or pillow with cooling technology. The materials will do a lot of the heavy lifting for you!

Use A Fan

Just having some air moving around the room can help the situation feel less humid instantly. If you’re lucky enough to have a ceiling fan, then position your bed underneath it for maximum airflow. 

If you’ve got a standing fan, it’s best to position it to the side of your bed, and let it oscillate like a cool summer breeze. The movement will help cool you down as well as control the overall temperature in the room. 

If you’re like many Kiwis who struggle to find the perfect temperature for a comfortable night’s sleep, then Sleepyhead's KülKōte could help! 

KülKōte’s temperature regulating technology takes the sweat out of keeping cool during hot nights (and staying at the right temperature for the rest of the year, too!). With plenty of options to choose from—the Chiropractic HDX, Swisstek, and Sanctuary ranges all feature KülKōte technology—your restful, cool night’s sleep is just a few clicks away.  

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