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Why Sleep For You?

It’s easy to think of sleep as a time where nothing happens … and get less of it in order to get more done or have more fun!

In reality, there are literally millions of processes going on in our bodies when we sleep. Amino acids and nutrients are absorbed at an incredible rate to heal and restore tissues and cells. Your white blood cells get a boost, your brain recharges, your hormone levels normalise … it’s a complete system restore, night after night.

Without it, you simply can’t function at your best. Your body hasn’t had enough time to repair itself and rejuvenate ready for a new day, and you’ll probably feel moody, unmotivated and lacking in energy. Even if you’re an expert at downing coffee and powering through, you’ll still be less able to concentrate, more prone to making mistakes, and vulnerable to stress. Over time, the picture gets bleaker: weight gain, poor heart health, and other nasties. Besides … who wants to wake up feeling flat and foggy, day after day?

There’s plenty of reasons why you might be struggling to get the relaxing, restful sleep you need to be at your best. But one of the most common causes is sleeping on a bed that isn’t right for you.

Read more about how your bed impacts on your sleep quality – and how to go about choosing one that works for you.


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