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We’re for helping Kiwis sleep better to live better so we’ve curated a handy selection of tips and advice on how to catch more ZZZs and do more with every day.  Read how you can sleep better, live better.

  • Sleep Myths

    Everyone knows eating cheese before bed equals terrible dreams, right? If you’re struggling for some shuteye you count sheep … don’t you? When it comes to getting quality sleep, not all advice is good advice – and not all bad advice is actually true. Check out some of the most common sleep myths below. You might be surprised!
  • Too Hot In Bed?

    With summer in full swing, our focus is on picnics, days lounging on the beach and tasty iced drinks. But hot weather has a horrible double edge when intense heat and humidity make it hard to sleep through the night.
  • Struggling With The Scales, But Can’t Figure Out Why? Here’s The Skinny.

    You’ve been eating salads and grilled chicken for weeks. Pounding the pavement and sweating up a storm. You’ve even been saying no to cake. But the needle on the scales sits stubbornly still.
  • Waking Up Tired? Here’s Why (And What To Do About It).

    Modern life flies by at a blistering pace – we’ve all heard it many times before, and most of us need no reminders! Ideally we should be getting eight or nine hours of sleep per night for optimal health, but according to the New Zealand Medical Journal, more than 70% of Kiwis manage less than seven.
  • Sleeping Positions To Soothe Back Pain

    There’s nothing worse than waking in the night with throbbing back pain – and for a lot of New Zealanders, it’s a daily reality. Recent research has shown that more than 50% of people complain of back pain after sleeping.

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